Friday, November 1, 2013

Exciting news!!!

I am So excited to tell you that I am moving! My studio, that is!!! I am going into a wonderful old mill building that has been converted into 5 floors of artists studios. It's so inspiring to be there. And I have two large north light windows! It's a little over 400 square feet with a large closet (A point of envy, I think among some of the other artists) I have to admit it was a selling point for me! I get overwhelmed with too much "stuff" out and around me. This way, most of it is put away in the closet! They have  "Open Studio" events once a month and two full weekends in December.

More on that later! For now, I want to show you the space and the process. But most especially the cabinet I converted into a taboret!
 I have my art work in several locations, so my walls here are bare. But for now, it's OK because I plan to repaint the walls. The color came out more yellow than beige. Rrrrrr. That gray wall will be a soft green. I'll show you updates when it's done...and maybe pictures on the walls.
Below is the cabinet my artist friend, Kathy Cooper (who is in a studio just above me on the 5th floor) saw at a local used store called, "Savers" (It's a lot like Good Will). She knew I was looking for something inexpensive to use as a painting table (or taboret).

With a little vision, a can of spray paint, help from "Bob the builder" (Bob Roy, a friend from the gallery I belong to) who built the added piece on top and casters on the bottom to help make it easier for me to move around my studio. Change the hardware and this is what you get.

(Now Kathy wishes she picked up this piece of furniture!) I am so thrilled how everything is coming together! 
One of these custom type taborets can run anywhere from $1200-$5000! It cost me around $100!!! I feel like a kid at Christmas!
Did I say how excited I am??? 

It's been a while since many of you have heard from me! So, I have a lot more to catch up posting some of my artwork. It will be coming....soon! Have a wonderful week-end. 
Hugs to all, 

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