Thursday, March 31, 2011

WIP-#2 Success & Prosperity

Success & Prosperity    oil by Dee Lessard

I have done the under-painting in the brown monochromatic color mix of half raw umber and half Burnt umber (Adding white to lighten the mixture where needed.) The whole thing starts to take shape based solely on tonal value, much like a black & white image only in sepia color instead. By mapping out values it helps to see where your contrasts are and how your eye travels around the painting.

 I had this stage of the painting done for quite some time and wasn't really thrilled with it. Sometimes I have to "live with" something for a while and figure out why I feel the way I do.  As an artist we are always evolving ad growing (at least that's what we hope for and what's fun about art). And recently I figured out why it lost interest for me and was able to go back in and fix it! The problem? There were 2 round things next to each other and was not interesting at all. In case you are wondering...the white "round" thing in front was a type of peonies. As you will see in my next posting. I changed it to a different type of peonies.

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1 comment:

Rev. Elizabeth said...

I'm So In Love With This Painting!! DeeDee You did WONDERFUL!!

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