Monday, April 4, 2011

WIP-#3 Success & Prosperity

WIP- Success & Prosperity    16x20    oil    by Dee Lessard

I have the Geisha and background almost done. You can see that I'm near the bottom of the Geisha by the tone change. Now you can see that I have begun to change the peonies that I mentioned in my previous post. What a huge improvement. I am excited to finish this painting now!!!

As promised, here is more on the reason for the name of the painting...
The Asian people have a lot of symbolic significance to things. For example, the peonies mean prosperity. The origins of the Geisha (as opposed to her current reputation)  show that she is groomed to perform in the arts (music and story telling to name a couple) specifically for the wealthy.
Both represent beauty and elegance. With much hope, prayer and love may Japan soon be restored.

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