Monday, March 28, 2011

WIP- #1 Success & Prosperity

WIP-1 Success & Prosperity 18x24 oil by Dee Lessard

Here is another work in progress. I toned the canvas with a real watery mixture of thinner with burnt sienna. I let it dry over night and start my drawing as you can see above, It's a rough drawing with NO details. At this point it is only a map for where I want to go. 

I started this painting last summer and got stuck on the under-painting. (I'll explain more in a future post as to why.) But picking this back up and working on this just before the Japan catastrophe. I decided to name this painting in honor of the Japanese people. They are so amazing with their quiet yet determined way of moving forward. Of course they will need lots of aid to pull them through this. But with faith and determination I believe there will be success & prosperity. (there is more to the meaning of this name that I will also explain later.)

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