Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Gerber Baby" Portrait painting

 I was talking with a fellow artist and got a kick in the pants
(that I really needed) to get back on track with posting my art work.

Here is a project I worked on this summer.
I called her the "Gerber Baby" I was commissioned to do this
by the grandmother and it was being gifted to the baby's mother!
steps are from left to right .....

  1. I started with a sketch (top left).
  2.  I transferred the drawing to canvas and did an underpainting.
  3. I build up with color.
  4. Then begin to add detail.(this is about half way done)
The "first" finish had a yellow background. I wasn't totally settled with it so I asked the buyers which they would prefer...yellow or blue. They chose blue. I think it was a great choice! I will post the two final pictures later this week!

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