Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Alex 11x14  oil by Dee Lessard
OK...So I haven't fallen off the planet! I am still here and was consumed this summer with sprint triathlons! I am NOT an athlete but try to stay in shape and I am especially not competitive!
However, my very good friend and workout partner, Jennifer IS! We have been working out together for, I'm guessing, 10 years or so. She encourages me to keep going! (The triathlons were her idea)

This year Jennifer's oldest daughter (Alex) went off to college.
A very sad turning point in Jen's life.
So, I planned to surprise her with this portrait of Alex. 
Most of my painting time this summer was working on it.
I am happy to be finished, (delivered on Sunday)
as it is agonizing sometimes to know when a painting is done!
Alex is such a beautiful girl, inside and out! And as Jen says, "I believe you captured her sweetness!"

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Sadeu said...

very good paintings, Dee : )

Dee Lessard said...

Thanks Sadeu!

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