Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've been so busy this summer...So many changes! My daughter moved back home after living far away (about 18 hours drive) for the last 4 years! And she moved back with an additional dog....Bella! Our little Rosie (a mini schnauzer)  is loving having a permanent resident canine friend! 
We have had the hottest summer that I can ever remember. All of this has made it difficult to get back into painting gear. But it will start to shift soon. And dust from the changes is already starting to settle.
Outdoor shows are winding down and I'm already planning out my next few paintings! I hope to post a few WIP (works in progress) so you can see how some of my work develops in stages. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and that we all get to see a spectacular fall!
Persian Apples (peaches)       11x14     oil by Dee Lessard



beautiful work Dee! The peaches at our local farmer's market have been fabulous recently. I think this image reminds one of New England's special harvest season.

Dee Lessard said...

Yes Melissa...our local peaches have been wonderful! Thanks for your feedback!

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