Monday, September 13, 2010

"Celebrate the Bloom" -Before & After

As a kid, I loved the Highlights magazine and one part of it had a "Check...and Double Check" cartoon where they made changes and you had to see how many changes you could find. It helps with your observation skills for sure! See what you can find that I changed in the painting below.

I did this painting about 9 months ago and kind of hurried through it for a show I planned to exhibit it in. But I was not 100% happy with it. Sometimes we artists have to "sit on" our paintings for a while or as one friend says  "live with it for a time". While in this place, we usually have it hanging around where we can glance at it occasionally to see if we can figure out how to improve it. Well, this was one such painting and I decided finally on a plan of attack and got to working on it this past month. So below you will see a before and after.
Tell me what YOU think? (there are no wrong opinions here! ...and I don't expect you to count the changes!)

Celebrate The Bloom  (AFTER)  by Dee Lessard

If interested in this painting please contact me here.

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