Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peaceful Walk

I have had a time to reflect on God, my purpose and His plan for me and here's a painting I have been wanting to do that depicts this. I love being at the beach in the early morning hours when no one else is around for miles. Although the beach is only about 30 minutes away, it's not something that happens too often. There's something so tranquil about hearing the waves rhythmically crashing and receding. Low tide gives the soft wet sand to walk on and while doing my quiet time I can also find discovery both within myself and around me with shells and things that have washed ashore.
Peaceful Walk     5x7 oil    by Dee Lessard

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

So Beautiful! Now that I know the feeling behind this painting it makes it so much more beautiful. It's a reflection of me as well. I too love just the same. Time for reflection!
Liz ;D

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