Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 4 -30 paintings in 30 days challenge- Rocky Coast

Tonight was tough to paint...especially trying to complete one! I almost didn't do it!

My husband and I were out to dinner celebrating our 34th anniversary.
When we got home, my husband brought me to the back yard
where he had hung white lights under the pergola, put out new linen
and had out a bottle of wine. All that along with candles and music.
He's such a romantic...and definitely a keeper!

Now you know why it was hard to focus! But here's what I finally painted.
I love the ocean and I hope I captured the feeling of our Eastern coast!

Rocky Coast 5x7 oil by Dee Lessard

This is available by auction
 (or through BUY NOW before the auction starts)
Click here for more information and to bid.

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