Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marshland Diptych-makeover

I'm sure you remember the diptych I did during the challenge. 
Well, looking at Google stats, I could tell, very few people were interested in them.
Truthfully, I was thinking it would be fun to try a looser style and 
why not get two done at the same time! (I think I was anxious for a night off!)
Well, I can't blame anyone for not being interested.
So, I went in and did a serious overhaul.
  Now, I m pleased to offer you a better, much improved version!
So, here is the AFTER version. To see the BEFORE, click HERE.
 I'm offering this at a great price for BOTH together!

(Each side of diptych is 4x6) -SOLD

Marshland Diptych 4x12 (total) oil by Dee Lessard 

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