Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 steps to reupholster a love seat by Dee Lessard

Steps to getting a beautiful "new" loveseat and an unbelievable price!

1) found on Craig's List for free
This is the condition we got it in...not pretty but as you can see, it had potential!

2) Strip off all material starting with the bottom, then the back, arms, inside back and last the seat and front skirt.
There were so many staples to pull took several hours spread out over a few days.
I was joking that I should  cash in the staples for scrap metal! LOL!
It was a bit of a messy job.

3) As you can see I wrote on the pieces I was removing, so I could remember where each part went.
 This way, as I cut each new piece I knew where it was going.
 Also, I had to be careful not to tear the pieces as I was removing it  because they were to become 
my pattern pieces. Which, trust me, I was so tempted to many times, just to get the job done!
I photographed each step as I was removing it so I could "play it backwards" to put the new pieces on.

Most of the foam was in decent condition, so I didn't have to take any off.
 Though I did add more cotton batting over the foam before adding the new upholstery.

4) I bought some great upholstery material from an online store on clearance: 
They even sent me 12 pieces of fabrics for free to help me to decide.
This was VERY important. It's quite different to see it on line and another to feel it. 

5) putting the new fabric on... I had every intention of doing this myself, 
but a good friend who has an upholsery businessoffered to guide me through it. 
Thank God she did. I'm quite certain that this would not have come out as nice as it did!
(She made me re-do a lot of stapling. She's very much a perfectionist, but that's what makes her a master at her trade!)
Check out her website at
she also has a FaceBook page here: 

And here it it's new home! My Studio at 122 Western Ave, Lowell, MA.

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