Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birds, Birds,Birds by Dee Lessard

BlueJay   6x6 oil  by Dee Lessard       available
Pine Warbler     6x6    oil   by Dee Lessard      SOLD
Cardinal   6x6  oil by Dee Lessard     available

Above are paintings currently in the e-ART-h show.  I had a blast creating these. 
I love animals but near the top are birds. I think they are beautiful creatures!

We had one growing up named "Pretty Boy" who, as it turned out, was a Monk Parrot.
his official name was Armstrong. My father caught him on the day Neal Armstrong landed on the moon back in 1969. (It's one way to remember history!)  New England got inundated with them when a crate fell off a truck at the airport while on their way to being sold at pet stores.  We had never seen a green bird nature (and outside a pet store). So, pretty boy got a broken wing while in the process of getting "caught". My mom nursed him back to health. He was never able to fly again, so he perched most days on top of his open cage. We had him for 10 years!!! He was a wonderful pet...about the size of a bluejay or cardinal (But all green!).

If you are interested in purchasing the available paintings above, feel free to contact me!

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