Friday, January 13, 2012

BLUE CHINA PITCHER & LEMON (New Auction item!)

Blue China Pitcher & Lemon   6x6  oil by Dee Lessard
Bid on this piece HERE

And it does feel like a year since I posted last! But I am still here and painting too!
I did my first public demo at our local art group in December. I actually had a lot of fun and the group was so nice...(they didn't throw tomatoes, so I guess that's good!)
Here is a small painting similar to the one I did for the group demo.

I am starting the year with something NEW!!!
I am planning to do a weekly painting to auction on a wonderful art auction site.
My husband says I can "try it" for 6 months (there's a small monthly fee to join)
and if I sell something I can continue with the auction site!
So here it goes!... and I can't believe I'm starting this on Friday the 13th!
Maybe this will be "Lucky Friday the 13th!" haha!! (I have more faith than superstition!)

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