Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trivia: Persian Apples

 Persian Apples   11x14 (for sale)     oil by Dee Lessard 

Did you know that peaches were originally found in Persia? Thus known as Persian Apples!
I love trivia like that!

The co-op gallery I am in, East Colony Fine Art Gallery, is planning a theme show where all the artists are doing a painting to represent a restaurant in the area (there are 25+restaurants participating!)  On November 3rd there will be a trolly night from 5-8 and this will be the opening of this theme show called "Art A La Carte".  It is a fund raiser for the local food bank. All art is for sale and gift certificates and more will be given away! The gallery is having a "match" game where you have to match the art work to the participating restaurant! Come and have FUN and help feed the hungry too!!!

(the above painting is NOT part of this theme show...but will post that later!)

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