Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watercolor collage workshop

I had a really fun day, going outside the box, ...for me! I took a workshop with a local & talented artist named Bill Earnshaw. He works in watercolor collage. It's very different! This is how it is done. You start with a watercolor painting loosely painted. Once it is dried you start layering colored and textured papers, glued one small piece at a time, where ever you want within the painting. Below are two paintings I completed in his class. I loved how they came out!

"Golden Eye"   watercolor collage   by Dee Lessard 
(with mat: outside dimensions 16x20) For Sale $125 +shipping

"Focal Point"   watercolor collage   by Dee Lessard 
(with mat: outside dimensions 8x10) For Sale $50 +shipping


don desmarais said...

These are both VERY nice, Dee!! Glad to see folks going "outside the box" once in a while. It only helps k to keep things interesting for you!

Christiane Kingsley said...

I love both of these paintings. I hope that we will see more of your collages!

Dee Lessard said...

Thanks Christiane! It was fun and I hope to do one again from time to time.
Don, It definitely helps keep things interesting!

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