Tuesday, December 28, 2010

China Teacups

China Teacups     oil by Dee Lessard  6x6

Here is the final step on the teacups. I just had to add the floral painting onto the bottom cup and a hint of gold on the edges of the bottom cup & saucer. 
I love the finishing touches....
This painting will be part of an exhibit I will be doing in February at
East Colony Fine Art Gallery in Manchester, NH.
Reception is Saturday, 2/12/2011 5:00-8:00pm

If you want to see the steps it took to complete this painting
you can look on the right column of the blog where you will see a list of "posts". Look under "work in progress"


Kim Blair said...

Nice brush work creating the scalloped edges. Your use of light and shadow brings out the glow of the bone china. Love the hint of gold here and there.
Lovely work Dee.

Dee Lessard said...

Thanks Kim! Appreciate the feedback!

Jane said...

I love these teacups, and I really like to follow the work in progress. I work with watercolor, but just started doing some oil paintings by myself ( no lessons ), and I realise I have everything to learn! Will keep a close eye on you!! Great blog!

Dee Lessard said...

Thanks Jane! I hope I can be of help! I love oils (used to do WC). Its much more forgiving than WC! Have fun!

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