Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lemons   6x6   by Dee Lessard

I am a partner in a co-op gallery downtown ~ East Colony Fine Art. We are having a fund raising event this Friday, 11/5/10 to help support one of our gallery members who recently has been in poor health. ALL proceeds will go to him! 

The event is called "A Little Help From My Friends".
We will have about 150 panels  (size 6x6) for sale at $45 each at an auction style format. Starting at 11:00 on Friday all panels will be up for preview and you are able to buy your "dots" to hold on to until the event begins. You buy however may dots ($45 each) as you want ...then that evening between 5:00-8:00pm  they will call numbers - drawn out of a hat -for you to go in and place your dots on the panels that are available. 

There will be food and wine at this event too. This should be a fun evening. If you love art, this is a great way to help out our friend & get an original piece of art an an extremely affordable price!
Hope to see you there!!!
The painting above is one of the panels that is available on Friday evenings event!

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Helen Read said...

Very nicely done!

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