Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apple Cider

                                                   Apple Cider  oil by Dee Lessard

  I did a lot of work this year learning about how to do things on the computer with things like this blog, my website and an online store called Etsy. (Etsy is an ebay of sorts...but  ONLY hand made artisan goods)It has been interesting and tiring at the same time!

  Recently, I have gotten notices that this painting (rather, a print of this painting) has been included in a "treasury" on Etsy.  All this is so new.... but you'll have to check these out. It's neat to be included in a store with other artisans wares! Below are links to MY Etsy store where I have prints of this painting (and others) and also to the treasury's I am included in: 

Hot Apple Cider Treasury

Print being Featured (My ETSY store)

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