Monday, March 9, 2020

Bubbles -Ipad drawing


I’m having SOOO much fun drawing on an ipad! I bought a program called Procreate and I’m using an apple pencil. I had purchased this program over a year ago and used it with a 3rd party art stylus. Unfortunately, the response wasn’t the greatest and I quickly got frustrated. Around Christmas time I upgraded my Ipad and found myself at the apple store taking a free class on Procreate. BUT....they let me use their apple pencil! (It responds JUST like a pencil on paper!) I was so excited with how well it worked and guess what I bought myself for Christmas?! So, there’s quite a learning curve with this program too. It can do SO much that us creatives can get lost in our own worlds for like...days!!! Here is one of the drawings I did recently. The program also records a time lapse in the program, so you can see the progression. It’s SO cool! I’ll see if I can upload it here. I’ll also post the finished picture.
BTW, if you are on Instagram you can follow me at @PainterDee where you can also see the progression video, in case you can’t see it here.

If you are interested in having a drawing done, I would love to do it for you! I need good quality pictures. My price is VERY reasonable! AND, you can have images printed on mugs, canvas bags, phone cases and more! It makes for great gifts. Mothers Day is not far away!

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